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Jonny Goldman 

Seeker RAM software for the CM-2 


Wed, 3 Jun 92 
Barbara Lincoln, Page 1 

Return-Path: <jonathan> 

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 92 09:51:28 PDT 

From: Jonny Goldman < jonathan@Think . COM> 

Sender : jonathan 


Cc : seeker-ram 

Subject: Seeker RAM software for the CM-2 

Barbara Lincoln informs me you are interested in the new Seeker RAM 
Information Retrieval system we've build for the Connection Machine. 

How would you like me to deliver it to you? The software is available as a 
set of binary executables for a Sun4/CM-2 running SunOS 4.1 and CMSS 6.1. 
The archive runs about 3 Megabytes (compressed) . I can uuencode, split and 
mail it to you, we can use FTP, or we could mail you a QIC-150 cartridge 
tape. Whatever is easiest, let me know. 

Jonny Goldman Thinking Machines Corporation 1010 El Camino Real Suite 310 

Developer Menlo Park, CA 94025 

Wide Area Information Servers 415-329-9300x229 

Rick Kufrin 
WAIS release 

Tech Mai I 

Sun, 24 May 1992 
Barbara Lincoln, Page 1 

Return-Path : <rkuf rinQncsa . uiuc . edu> 
From: (Rick Kufrin) 

Date: Sun, 24 May 1992 10:16:46 GMT ^'(fl 
Subject: WAIS release 0' 1 ^ 


X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.1 12/20/90) y _ fl „ w 

To: barbara@Think.COM & jf\\l^ 


Hello Barbara, J^r 


This request may be a repeat (you may have already gotten this i y) 

from NCSA recently; if so my apologies) . We are interested in 

learning more about the new WAIS release. Would you please ^ 
send any relevant information to us? The proper person to contact \.4^ 
would be Marcia Miller, who is our software coordinator. Ms. / > 

Miller's email address is US Mail is . s>(\ ™ W Mr\ 

Marcia Miller ^cftS* ' tf' r ' \ 


605 E. Springfield Ave. ^ > \t" 

Champaign, IL 61820 * 

We are particularly interested in licensing, cost (academic \^ ^\ 

discounts), etc. > 

Thanks very much, 
Rick Kufrin, NCSA